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Setting for professional replacement of cooling liquid

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LLC Valtec Asia has been elaborate device for professional replacement of the coolant. Equipment to replace antifreeze flushing the cooling system on the truck and specials. technique.

On example city buses LLC Green-Bas.

For professional replacement is necessary:

  • Make sure that the radiator cap and the expansion drum are in corrected condition, they should be tightly locked cooling system, and operate at specified pressure. For verifying the correctness of contact plugs we have also have been developed special device
  • Make sure that the cooling pipes are in corrected condition.

  • Flush and refill the cooling system takes place in four stages.
    • a). With coolant replacement equipment , against the rotation of the water pump to the engine is running produce displacement of the old antifreeze from the entire cooling system including a cooling unit shirt, stoves and interior heating boiler filling tap water cooling system.
    • b). Thereon the system is filled with water, add a special additive for washing Valvoline VPS Radiator Flush или Fleetguard Restore, turn on the engine and flush systems during 15-20
    • minutes.
    • c).Merge out and wash by running water of cooling system displacing wash liquid and scum by
    • equipment, which in result are peeled off by washing radiator and branch pipe until the water
    • become clear.
    • d). Refill the cooling system with the aid of the equipment, antifreeze by choice (Fleetguard, Valvoline HD or ArctikLine) (Using only antifreeze of good quality), displacing from cooling systems water, from all systems: block, furnaces, boiler start-up.

!!!Using not qualitative cooling liquids, engine falls bringing to owners as material and moral damage, not to mention the erstwhile temporary failure of the water pump, pipes, engine cylinder heads.

Using qualitative Antifreeze help to avoid expensive repairing, whereby the company's revenue will grow, rather than wasting on permanent repairing and dead time of technique. Our company happy offer to you professional replacement antifreeze on special equipment. We using only qualitative antifreezes correspond all international standards.

A single product for all trucks and buses, reducing the storage range, the lack of risk of improper use. HD Extended Life - is the coolant for truck engines, buses, road construction machinery and industrial equipment, satisfying the requirements of the most advanced manufacturers of heavy-duty engines.

Level of effectiveness
BS 6580, 1992, Afnor 15-601, 1991, ASTM D-6210, D-4985, D3306 (D-4656), ASTM D-4985, NATO S-759, Caterpillar EC-1, Cummins 14603, 3666286, Cuna NC956-16, O-Norm V5123, SAE J814, J814C, J1034, J1941, Ford WSS M97 B44-D, Volvo VCS, Leyland, MAN 324 type NF, MAN B W, Renault RVI, Scania, MTU, Detroit Diesel 7SE 298, Deutz MWM, Isuzu, DAF, MB 325.0,2,3, Earthmoving machines.

Fleetguard (Cummins):ValvolineProper maintenance of cooling system is vital need to reduce the cost of operation and for minimization of dead time. There are different approaches to the maintenance of cooling systems, so Fleetguard offers a range of antifreeze and filters for cooling systems. Ready-to-using ES Compleat antifreeze and Fleetcool OAT does not require the use of additional additives that provide maximum comfort cooling system service, with proper maintenance, do not require replacement until engine overhaul. They are used for high power and automotive engine, meet the technical requirements of leading engine manufacturers worldwide. Completely conform of requirements: ASTM D-3306, ASTM D-4985, ASTM D-6210, Cummins CES 14603, BS-6580, AFNOR NF R15-601.

Meet the technical requirements of variety producer of engines and cars, which include:
Case New Holland, CAT, Cummins, DDC, EMD, Freightliner, International, John Deere, Komatsu, Kubota, Mack, Mitsubishi, PACCAR, Volvo, Wakesha. ArticLine

Purpose: new hybrid formula with original packet of inhibitors corrosion on basic carboxylate, don’t include nitrites, amines, nitrates, borates and phosphates, effectively extends the life of antifreeze. Created with conduction high standard and technologies of manufacturing antifreezes. Compatible with any antifreeze class G11 and G12 made on the basis of ethylene glycol. Ideal for highly turbocharged engines. Corresponds standards ASTM D3306/D4985; SAE J1034; NATO S759; BS 6580 (1992); JIS К 2234; FFV Heft R443; UNE 26361-88; CUNA NC 956-16; AFNOR NF R15-601

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